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Finsbury Park flooding

Some 50 households had to stay in emergency accommodation overnight after a burst water main flooded homes in north London.

Dozens of properties and a school were affected after a 36-inch (91cm) water pipe fractured in the Finsbury Park area just before 08:00 BST on Tuesday.

Thames Water said a temporary fix had been put in place and all flood water had been pumped away.

Some local roads remain closed to traffic.

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Parkwood Primary school has been shut as a result of the flood

The water main burst at the junction of Queens Drive and Princess Crescent causing an area measuring about 600m x 200m (1,900ft x 650ft) to be flooded to a depth of about 1m (3ft).

About 12 fire engines and 80 firefighters were deployed to help rescue people and pump water away, while postcode areas N1, N4, N5, N7 and N19 were left with no water or low water pressure.

Tanja Schnitzer, who lives in a basement flat on Queens Drive, said rooms in the property had filled up with water “within half an hour from floor to ceiling”.

“It’s devastating. We’ve pretty much lost everything,” she said.

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Residents of a basement flat escaped with their possession to the top floor of their property

Water supplies for all properties in the area have been restored but Thames Water has warned that there may be some problems during the morning.

A spokesman for the firm said bottled water and plumbers were on standby in case of issues while engineers would finish fixing the mains during the day.

Parkwood Primary School, which was closed on Tuesday, said it expected to remain shut throughout Wednesday but would update parents during the morning.

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