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Sean Wisbey left his partner “heartbroken” by the attack on her pets

A man who killed his partner’s dog and hurt another so badly it had to be put down to “get back at her” has been jailed for two years.

Sean Wisbey, 51, left Brenda Prescott “heartbroken” after the attack in St Helens, Merseyside, on 11 April.

Rosie, a seven-year-old Yorkshire terrier, died from multiple skull fractures and a lacerated liver.

Wisbey, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty at Liverpool Crown Court to two offences of destroying the dogs.

The court heard Wisbey had threatened to cut the dogs’ throats to hurt Ms Prescott after a row.

Ms Prescott found lifeless Rosie, whose death was caused by pressure being applied on both sides of her head, covered in blood.

Prosecutor Ember Wong said: “One of her back legs was facing the wrong way and she knew she was dead.”

‘Shadow of myself’

Ms Prescott then found two-year-old Tricker under a blanket and tried to nurse her back to health by feeding her by hand and spooning water into her mouth.

The court heard the dog was still alive but had a broken pelvis.

After seeing an RSPCA vet, Ms Prescott decided to end her pet’s suffering.

In an impact statement, Ms Prescott said Tricker’s death hit her very hard as the dog had been a present for her daughter, who has died, and grandchildren.

She said: “He has destroyed my last link with my daughter and I have been left feeling like a shadow of myself and all alone.”

The court heard Wisbey had committed 78 previous offences and had taken drink and drugs before attacking the dogs.

Judge Rachel Smith imposed a five-year restraining order on him.

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