Late-night hosts sift through the absurdity of Trumps response to a devastating, if not Alabama-centric, Hurricane Dorian

Seth Meyers: A pathological liar completely detached from reality

Late-night hosts continued to parse through the ridiculousness of Trumps response to Hurricane Dorian on Thursday Night. Seth Meyers took the broad view, connecting the presidents Sharpie incident in which he doctored a week-old map of the hurricanes path with a marker to defend his erroneous claim that it would hit the state of Alabama to a long history of scams.

We know that Donald Trump is and has always been a conspiracy theorist and pathological liar who is completely detached from reality, Meyers said. Its always been his brand. Its just that back when he was a New York real estate buffoon, people didnt take it that seriously.

Trumps campaign for president started as an attempt to get people to take him seriously, Meyers explained, pointing to a clip from January 2016 when Trump basically said as much in a campaign speech: A lot of people have laughed at me over the years. Now theyre not laughing so much, Ill tell you.

That is something a villain would say in a superhero movie, Meyers said before playing a very similar line from the trailer of the new Joker movie (Everyones laughed at me. Well, no ones laughing now.).

Laughter aside, its a serious matter, Meyers said, that the National Weather Service has to monitor the presidents tweets as closely as they monitor actual hurricanes, referring to its immediate correction of Trumps false Alabama claim. When you think of it, Donald Trump is the hurricane. Except, unlike regular hurricanes that eventually die down, every day Trump blows harder.

The whole bizarre Alabama-Dorian news cycle perfectly captures the constant, exhausting bewilderment of living through the Trump era, Meyers concluded. Theres a very real humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Bahamas, and a dangerous hurricane is threatening the mainland US, and meanwhile the president is obsessing over a map he doctored to defend an embarrassing mistake that he is now repeatedly lying about.

Stephen Colbert: Hes still obsessed with Alabama

As the Bahamas attempted to recover from Hurricane Dorians devastation and the storm drenched the Carolinas, Everyones thoughts are with the people down there, said Stephen Colbert on the Late Show. Everyone but Donald Trumps thoughts, because hes still obsessed with Alabama.

Colbert referenced the presidents tweets on Thursday morning which called for fake news apologies and defended, with a week-old map, his inaccurate claim that Alabama was in the storms path.

No one was apologizing, Colbert said, because the map proved nothing; first of all, it was not from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration but from the South Florida water management district. Thats like getting your MRI at Glamour Shots, Colbert joked.

Furthermore, the maps fine print negated itself: NHC Advisories and County Emergency Management Statements supersede this product If anything on this graphic causes confusion, ignore the entire product.

Its a strong statement, Colbert said, although I gotta say: the entire product is a very disrespectful way to describe the president of the United States.

Colbert concluded on a sober note: The storm surge has come ashore in the country that this man governs. Hundreds of thousands of people are presently without power. Whats it going to be like when the president visits victims of the storm? Colbert asked as he slipped into Trumps voice: So sad to see the damage here in South Carolina or as many call it, East Alabama.

Trevor Noah: We need him to pull out that magic Sharpie of his

On the Daily Show, Trevor Noah acknowledged that while Hurricane Dorian dominated the headlines, the conversation about climate change was happening all over the world especially in light of the disastrous fires in Brazils Amazon rainforest.

Noah showed a news report on the record fires burning across an area two-thirds the size of the continental United States including a huge blaze in which 30 firefighters attempted to beat it back by literally kicking the flames.

The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow)

The Amazon is on fire, Brazil isnt doing enough to stop it, and its president might even want it to happen.

September 6, 2019

Just kicking the fire? Noah asked, incredulous. Theyre dealing with a forest fire the same way I deal with an ice cube on the floor?

The fires are a huge problem for Brazil, Noah continued, but the real problem is that its the world issue since the rainforest is critical to keeping carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Nevertheless, Brazils new president, Jair Bolsonaro, campaigned on the promise to roll back protections for the worlds most lush ecosystem and develop it.

Bolsonaros anti-Amazon platform, which has drawn worldwide condemnation in recent weeks, is insane, Noah said. Running for president on the promise of destroying the Amazon forest? Doesnt sound like real life; it sounds like something the Joker would say.

The prospects for the Amazon seem dire a situation, Noah said, calling for an unlikely hero: Donald Trump.

We need to get the president to pull out that magic Sharpie of his, and we need to get him to send that hurricane down from Alabama all the way to Brazil to fan out the flames, Noah joked. Come on, Mr Trump, use your power for good!



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