(CNN)After unveiling a new brand identity and logo, Volkswagen revealed a new electric car to go along with it.

At its Volkswagen Group event in Frankfurt, Germany, VW executives spoke a lot about how the ID.3 needs to represent Volkswagen’s return to its early days as a likable maker of fun cars like the Beetle. So designers gave the ID.3 a gently smiling “face” up front, with headlights that will turn on and flutter like eyes as the driver approaches.

The brake and gas pedals are also decorated with pause and play icons like an MP3 player. VW also promises it will be fun to drive, but we’ll have to see about that later.

    The base car will start at under €30,000 euros. The first cars will be delivered to customers in Europe in the spring.

    Source: http://edition.cnn.com/


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